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[MW3 1.9.453] Dream Hack v1.2

  • Playernames (whole room)
  • Godmode ON/OFF (whole room, single players, hotkey)
  • Unlimited Ammo (whole room, single players, hotkey)
  • Take all Ammo (single players)
  • Teleport ON/OFF (single players)
  • Freeze ON/OFF
  • Drop Player (single players)
  • Drop Everyone (whole room)
  • Force Host
  • Max Players
  • ScoreLimit
  • Super High Exp Lobby (60K Exp/Kill [Only if you are below level 80 !])
  • High Exp Lobby (400 Exp/Kill [No rank problems])
  • Normal Exp Lobby (100 Exp/Kill)
  • Apply your own Exp (determine the amount of Exp you will get/kill [Only if you are below level 80 !])
  • Trolling (whole room)
  • Epicness (whole room [Might wanna use Scavenger])
  • Gravity (whole room)
  • Running/Walking speed (whole room)
  • FoV
  • Rank
  • Prestige
  • Unlimited UAV ON/OFF (single player)
  • Gold ClanTag ON/OFF
  • Open MW3 (default steam folder)
  • Close MW3
  • MW3 Checker
  • Map Checker
  • Activate Jet
  • Activate Invisibility
  • Turn back to Normal
Some Minor Bugs:
  • If you try to use NameFaker now, it will auto-delete your text [if you havent pressed the button] every 10 seconds. Also, i suggest waiting at least 10 seconds before joining a game. (the hack needs +- 10 seconds to get ready, this is part of the less-lagg)
  • Dont use weird characters in your name.
  • Unlimited Ammo for the whole room refreshes every 10 seconds instead of 3-5.
  • FoV might not reset untill next death when u disable it while being alive.
  • Rank is in amount of Exp, not in your rank number.
  • Dying while being invisible (people can still hit you) will give you the kind of godmode wich doesnt allow you to get killstreaks.
  • Run the hack as admin !
  • Make sure your VirusScan/FireWall doesnt block the hack.
  • Preferably OPEN your NAT. (This will allow more people to join, and they join faster.)
  • This is for STEAM ONLY ! [1.9.453]
VAC Status: Undetected - Use at your own risk !
How to use:
  • Start MW3
  • Start Hack
  • Fake your name with exactly 15 characters in length
  • Click the Auto-Force Host
  • Search a gamemode
  • Press F4 when you are spawned
  • (Press F7 [ThirdPerson] to see the effect, cus u dont see it in First Person)
  • What ?
  • Enjoy

Virus Scans:
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]

  • Isaakske
  • Jorndel
  • -InSaNe-
  • master131
  • Frostzorn
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