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[MW3 1.9.453] Server Host Tool v1.7

MW3 Server Host Tool v1.7 by master131
What is MW3 Server Host Tool?
  • It’s a little tool that lets you have fun with a server assuming that you are host. It is similar to Little Server Tool for MW2.
Is it detected?
  • As of now, it is UNDETECTED, but as with all hacks, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
What version does this work with?
  • 1.9.453 (Steam only, not TeknoMW3).
How do I use it?
  • 1. Download the attachment
  • 2. Extract and run the executable (you should run as administrator)
  • 3. Start the game and it will automatically force host.
  • 4. Start a Private Match or Find Game. If you chose to host a public game, it should start in a couple of seconds. If you get a “Waiting for better host” message, it means your internet is too slow for you to become a host (this is very rare, probably dial-up speed connections).
  • 5. Once you are in-game, select any player and do whatever you want!
  • 6. To use the teleport function, click on the player to be teleported and click “From:” then click on the player to teleport to and click “To:” and click “Go”. You can also click the arrow next to “From:” and choose multiple people to be teleported.
I got a “Unsupported version” message?
  • This means the version you are trying to use with the hack is not supported. Note that if you get this message despite the version clearly saying “1.9.453″, just restart the hack (it’s happened to me once or twice during coding/testing).
  • When in No Clip or UFO Mode, press Shift (sprint button) or F (use button) for a speed boost. The difference between UFO Mode and No Clip is when you press the Fire/ADS buttons on your mouse. UFO Mode will always make you move up and down when you use the mouse buttons and No Clip will make you move depending on your angle.
  • If you switch to Spectator while alive, you become “god”, although it’s pretty obvious you’re cheating. You can use the “God Mode” feature under “Other” instead.
  • Gravity is buggy, it will often rattle the player when they are jumping and sometimes force them to the ground even if the gravity is set low. This is because the game keeps resetting the gravity to normal every frame. To fix this, DLL injection is required and it is easier to detect.
  • It is possible to set gravity for individual players, if you’d like everyone to have the same gravity, click “Apply to All”.
When using the force akimbo options:
  • Make sure to disable akimbo for the weapon you want to use it on first BEFORE switching to it. For example, if I wanted akimbo on my secondary weapon, I’d make sure “Secondary Akimbo” was unticked first and then switched to it and ticked it. This is because sometimes weapons won’t fire for some reason. Also another major note, some weapons do not support akimbo AT ALL and will crash the game, notably SMGs. It also resets on death, this is a safety feature to prevent a player from accidentally changing class and crashing their game.
  • Friendlier GUI than other server tools out there
  • VAC countermeasures
  • Game version detection
  • Automatic force host (should work for ALL computers)
  • Player rename
  • Team change
  • Clipping mode change (No Clip, UFO, Freeze)
  • UAV activation (Normal, Blackbird and Fast UAV)
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Nightvision
  • Teleportation (multiple players supported)
  • God Mode
  • Gravity modification (buggy)
  • Force akimbo

  • Updated for 1.9.453
  • Removed individual gravity
  • Added global gravity and speed options
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Virus Scans:
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Credits: master131
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