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Garena Gaming Community Игровое сообщество платформы GG-Client/Garena/Garena Messenger/Garena Plus.
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Garena Auto-Joiner v5.0


hbm Garena Auto-Joiner is a support program for Garena with features like: Auto Join (Click Auto), Auto Tunnel and Auto Open .
Auto Join: Garena automatically join the room without waiting 5 seconds. You can minimize Garena and do their work.Auto Tunnel: Automatic tunnel all players in the room while you are playing games or doing other work.Auto Detect: Automatic detection of Garena offset so that Auto-Joiner can patch all version of Garena.Auto Run: Automatically run other programs with Auto-Joiner.Auto Update: Auto update Auto-Joiner to the latest version. Multiple Choice: Auto-Joiner allows you to select more than one room to join.Multiple Languages: Auto-Joiner has 19 languages ??to choose from.Supports: Garena Client & Garena Messenger.

Automatic TunnelWhat Tunnel?

Tunnel is a process to create a direct connection between you and other players. Its role is:
  • Anti-lag, disconnections and limited connection speeds improve.
  • Help you can see the host or help others see the host you create.
  • Display ping numbers correctly.

Number of ping of the players before and after tunnel
What is Auto-Tunnel?

Auto-Tunnel is a feature that lets you tunnel all players in the room automatically. It can tunnel 225 players in less than 2 seconds. And you can do Auto-Tunnel even during games .
How to use:

Press F6 if you want to tunnel all players in the room. You can press F6 at any time, even when you’re working or playing games. Press F6 to run the auto-tunnel

Auto Trace

What is Trace?

Sometimes you want in your room you are playing. Instead of heart tissue that room, you can use Auto-Trace feature to enter your room more quickly

How to use:

  • To trace many friends: Press F7 on your friends and start over.
  • To trace a friend: Press F8 to that friend.
  • To stop the Auto Trace: Press F7 (or F8) again.
Auto Play

Features ”Auto Play” is what?

If you feel depressed with the opening of a pile of programs such as hot-key, mana … before playing the game ”Auto Play” will help you. It is the function that Auto-Joiner will automatically run all the programs needed, so you can save a lot of time and effort.
How to use:

  • Check the area to enable a slot, then press the [...] button to select the program file to run.
  • Similarly you can add many other programs.
  • From now on every time you open the Auto-Joiner , these programs will be run. Select the program to run with Auto-Joiner

  • Adds the ability to tunnel the people in the room
  • Disable Auto-Ping
  • Rename the file from AutoGG.exe Auto-Joiner.exe
  • Add / Updated language: lang_en, lang_vi
  • Lang_en:-totunnel; + totunnelroom, + totunnelhost
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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Source: AutoGG

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