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[MW3 1.9.441] MP Trainer

This trainer includes:
  • The ability to level guns individually to level 31
  • Set prestige
  • Set level anything from 1-80
  • Reset selected guns to level 1 (In case you decide you don't want level 31 anymore)
  • Unlock all perks pro
  • Add prestige tokens
  • Change number of custom classes
  • Easy to use UI
Note, these are images from the previous patch but the UI is the same:

How to use:
  • Open Call of Duty
  • Go to the barracks, this is most safe.
  • Open the trainer
  • Add features you like
  • Close the trainer
  • Enjoy
To set your level and prestige:
  • Type the level you like and the prestige, then click " Change level / Prestige "
  • Alternatively you can click on the emblems displayed, these show what emblem you will display with each prestige but also double as buttons.
  • Clicking on one will set the prestige field to that prestige. You then can enter the level you require and click " Change level / Prestige "
To level your guns:
  • One thing I found with other trainers is that you had the option to level all guns to level 31 but not specific guns. And some people like myself would like to only level specific guns so that you may level other guns legit, so I have added check boxes for all primary weapons to be leveled to 31, You check what guns You want to get 31 And if you decide to, there is also an option to reset the guns that are selected via the check boxes.
  • So, to level. Select the guns you wish to level by clicking the corresponding check box. or by clicking " Select all " Then click "Level Guns"
NOTE: You will have to play one game after the gun has been leveled and spawn in with that gun on the class for the gun to hit 31. but you can level the guns, close the trainer and the guns will level to 31 the instant you use them.
Other options:
  • This trainer also includes the ability to unlock ALL pro perks.
  • This page is well displayed with all the perks that you will be getting pro ( all perks in the game ) just click " Unlock all perks pro "
Set prestige tokens:
  • To set the amount of prestige tokens you have just type the number you would like ,or click the arrows to increase or decrease the amount in increments of one, you then click " change tokens "
Change number of custom classes:
  • To change the number of custom classes you have in the game just click in the box under Custom Classes and type the number of classes you would like. As stated you can have from 1 - 15, and the default is 5. Although I would recommend 10 Because of the menu in game.
Note: Having 15 Custom classes causes the chose a class in-game to have to scroll for you to select the class. This can be confusing at first. But I personally don't mind but it may annoy people.
  • From MW2: Those are not bannable if you use them properly, use them while you are at the Barracks and not in game. Close the hack before you go in game.
  • It's unsure whether or not this applies to Mw3. Use caution.
NOTE: Infinity Ward supposedly has a team that will ban you from MW3, (Not VAC) if they catch you cheating. They go through reports and check your gameplay, to see if it matches your rank.
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