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[MW3 1.9.441] External ESP v2.13

Modern Warfare 3 .NET External ESP v2.13 by master131

What is .NET External ESP?
It is an External ESP hack that was coded in C# by me. It is designed only for Modern Warfare 3 in windowed mode. You must be running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero enabled.
Is is detected?
As of now, it is UNDETECTED. As with all hacks you download, use at your own risk. This does not inject or write into the game's memory so there is a lesser chance of it being detected. So far, it's been 4 months and there have been no reports of bans.
What version of MW3 does this work with?
  • 1.9.441 (Steam only, not Tekno-Gods)
How to use:
  • Download and extract the attachment (optional) Edit the config file to your liking (config.mw3esp) with Notepad or any text editor.
  • Run Launcher.exe and start the game.
  • When in game, use the F1, F2 and F3 buttons to toggle the function and use right-mouse button or the Home key to use the aimbot.
My anti-virus keeps complaining about a file in the Temp directory!
This is a false positive, meaning that it's not really a virus. It's the hack's way of prevent the hack from being detected. To get rid of this, you can either a) disable your antivirus or b) edit the config file and add an exclusion so you don't accidently catch a virus while you're playing. In order to add the hack to exclusions, you must edit the config file first. Open the config.mw3esp file with Notepad and find this line:
and then replace it with this, you can put anything you want in between the quotes.
Now, start the hack again and your anti-virus will detect a "virus" in your Temporary directory. Add the file to exclusions (refer to your AV's documentation) and run the hack again, now it should work!
I only want enemy boxes to be visible.
Open config.mw3esp and change this line (by changing the alpha which determines how visible the color is).
to this instead:
Is it possible to indicate whether a player is visible or not? Can I only aim at visible players?
No. You'd need access to the game's functions to do sight/bullet tracing which either requires injecting to writing into the game's memory.
The aimbot doesn't work?
Firstly, make sure you are holding the right-mouse button. Otherwise if it still doesn't work then I'm not exactly sure why this is happening... For now, please open the config file and find this line:
Then, open your config_mp.cfg file normally found in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\players2. You'll find something like this (you need to scroll down a little):
seta sensitivity "5"
Then, put the number in between the quotes into config.mw3esp and save it:
The aimbot is too fast or slow?
Check config.mw3esp, there are some aimbot speed settings that you can tweak, make sure to read the comment above it!
I can see the bar at the top but now my game window is black?
This seems to be related to the latest NVIDIA graphic drivers. If you are running an NVIDIA card, please make sure to disable FXAA via the NVIDIA Control Pane
What OS does this work on?
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Aimbot
  • BoxESP
  • Snaplines
  • Distance ESP
  • Crosshair
  • Radar
  • Status/Menu bar
  • Configurable settings
  • Name tag
  • VAC countermeasures to make sure this stays undetected.
  • - [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
Virus Scans:
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]

  • Alexandre Mutel - Fixing SharpDX to my request (not hack related).
  • KN4CK3R - Posting the root source of OSHeCoD6.
  • sph4ck , dheir and c0z3n - Updating the hack in Python and adding a crap load of features as well as providing a bug fix for the box issue.
  • Archangel - Faster aimbot that is compatible with snipers.
  • Thunder - Helping me to test the hack out.
  • Hassan , Blitz , Derranged , House , flameswor10 - Helping to test out the old overlay.

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