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[MW3 1.9.441] Mini Ultimate Server Control Hack v3.0

Frostzorn's MINI Ultimate Server Control Hack
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Update: 17.08.12 for 1.9.433

This is a hack with which you can modify the player on the servers!
To use the hack you need a good internet connection + MW3 with a OPEN NAT and you must run the Hack as Admin and turn off Antivirus!!!!!!!(If you haven’t a Open Nat you can use it only in private match!)
  • Automatic Host!
  • Server Player Mod. (min – max player they can join)
Player 1-18:
  • Life
  • Ammo
  • Run Speed
  • Main Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Dead-player revival
  • 10/25/50/100/250/500 Teleport Speed
  • Player Teleport-control
  • Team Teleport
  • 8 Save locations for Teleport
  • Ghostmode!
  • Revive!! (normal/God)
Stats Hack:
  • Kills
  • Headshots
  • Killstreak
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Xp
  • Prestige
  • Double XP
  • Double Weapon XP
  • Gametime
  • 1.First Download the hack and Winrar (if you do not have it!)
  • 2.Open the folder with WinRAR and extract all 3 files into a new folder!

How to Use:
  • 3.Starte the hack as Admin!
  • 4.Starte MW3!
  • 5.go on my hack and select the process in the top box under the name ”Frostzorn”!
  • 6.Geh in the SEARCH for a game type (FFA, S&D, TDM, ….)
  • 7th When you are looking for people pushing in my hack ”Start game”, then it shall hot look for the best host and the game starts in 10 sec!
  • 8th If that works, and you now you are forced into my game hack (if any are joined) ”Identify Player”, this should be the buttons ”Player 1/2/3…/18″ transformed into the player’s name and in 2 colors Team 1 and Team 2!
  • 9th Now selects a player from him and Modified!
  • 10th HAVE FUN! : D
Deatail Instruction:
Server Mod:
Player Identify = Press this button in ever game First! it take the button names (from player 1 -18) in to the player names!
Player 1-18 Button = Thise Player = modding!
Life/Ammo/Speed = Set this state to the value if you have write in the textbox under the button!
All Life/All Ammo/All Speed = Set this state to the value if you have write in the textbot under the button for ALL Players!
1 = Only Main Ammo
2 = Only Secondary Ammo
3 = Only Main Reload
4 = Only Secondary Reload
5 = Only Primar
6 = Only Secondary
Start Game = Trying to Start the Game as Host! (while you are searching for peoples in the lobby)
Max Player = Max Player they can join your server (Max 18)
Change Main Weapon = Set main weapon to the value if you write in the right textbox (number between 1-60)
Change Main Secondary = Set secondary weapon to the value if you write in the right textbox (number between 1-60)
All Change Main Weapon/ All Change Secondary Weapon = ”” for All Players
Name Faker = Fake your name in the Text if you have write in the right textbox! (only for you and only in lobby)!
Name Faker All = Set all Ingame names to the text if you have write in the right textbox! (only use ingame = for all player)!
Revive = death player = revive
Revive GOD = death player revive with Godmode!
Stats Mod = write value in textbox then click on your state go ingame kill anyone or die and leav lobby = now state active!
Tele Hack:
Player 1- 18 Button = This Player = teleporting!
Player location = Show thise players location!
X Set / Y Set / Z Set = Set only this value
Normal = Set Normal Game mode
Ghost = switch in spectators mode (you don’t die)
F = teleporting forward
B = teleporting back
L = teleporting left side
R = teleporting right side
U = teleporting UP
D = teleporting Down
Change = Player X switch location with Player Y!
Teleport = Player X teleporting to Player Y!
Tele + Back = Teleporting Player X for [textbox] time in [ms] to the Player Y and then go back to old location!
Spawn = Player Y teleporting at Player X location!
Team 1 Point Save = Save this position for Team 1
Team 1 = Port Team 1 to the defined/saved location!
Team 2 Point Save = Save this position for Team 2
Team 2 = Port Team 2 to the defined/saved location!
Select Players and state they you want modify and click on this check box.
Now set your value in the text box and it refresh this value all 1 second!!
Virus Scans:
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
  • Fix many little bugs (headshot, kills and many more..)
  • Add Akimbo Main/secondary Weapon
  • Add UFO,NoClip, Player Freeze Mode!
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]

Credits to: Frostzorn

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