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RPG Ваши разработки и публикация уже готовых карт РПГ жанра.

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TKoK - The Kingdom of Kaliron

What is TKoK? - TKoK (short for The Kingdom of Kaliron) is a multiplayer save/load RPG designed for 4 to 7 players that features many ground breaking systems to give you a whole new experience unlike most other RPGs for warcraft 3

Welcome to Kaliron
What is TKoK? - TKoK (short for The Kingdom of Kaliron) is a multiplayer save/load RPG designed for 4 to 7 players that features many ground breaking systems to give you a whole new experience unlike most other RPGs for warcraft 3

Custom Hero Stat System - Each hero has 3 main stats (Power, Agility, Energy) and 8 sub stats (Strength, Constitution, Endurance, Dexterity, Reflexes, Intelligence, Wisdom, Spirit) which will effect all aspects of your hero. Each hero also has Attack Power, Attack Critical Chance, Attack Critical Power, Spell Power, Spell Critical Chance, Spell Critical Power, Dodge chance, and Block chance. All of these which are derived from your stats.

Playable Heroes - All heroes are playable now: Arcanist, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, Warrior, Cleric, Chaotic Knight, Phantom Stalker, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Shadowblade, and the Druid

A Threat System - As seen in most RPG's that have an aggro/threat system, TKoK has something similar allowing the tanks to actually control the mobs and protect the rest of the party from damage.

Equipment System - TKoK has a full screen GUI inventory system for holding and equipping items for your hero

Talent Tree System - TKoK also has a full screen GUI talent tree system to teach your hero new abilities, improve the effects of the abilities, or improve the abilities directly.

Enemy Ability System - A dynamic enemy ability system that allows monsters to have completely custom scripted abilities that are dynamic

Scripted Mini bosses - Bosses - All monsters deemed a mini boss are now scripted events with boss like abilities that you will have to think and react to. This is a huge improvement from the 2.0 versions where mini bosses just hit harder and had more HP than normal monsters. Many new bosses have been added and even more to come

Bonus optional challenges - Something that we are calling VX mode (short for Vexcellent mode) offers extra hard challenges to players that seek them, with the rewards of bonus loot that normally wouldn't drop off that boss.Saving / Loading - Like any Warcraft 3 multi-player map, this supports saving and loading via a password system.

Chat Commands - Some in game chat commands you may not know exist:
Broodmother - 'Ahh!! Spiders!' - Defeat the Broodmother without killing any of the eggs in phase 2
Narith the Fallen - 'Elemental Chaos' - Defeat Narith the Fallen after invoking VX mode (attack the shade until it is at 75% HP while not killing any of the containers)
Sand Golem - 'Snack Attack' - Defeat the Sand Golem without killing any of the Rock Shards that spawn.
Karrix - 'Baby Killer' - Defeat Karrix after you kill all 5 baby scorpions causing him to enrage.
Avnos - 'Die In a Fire' - Defeat Avnos after spawning the Flame Orb
Karnos - 'Frostbitten' - Defeat Karnos while he has 50 or more stacks of Frostbite
Karavnos - 'A Tale of Frost and Fire' - Defeat Karavnos after becoming imbued with Fire or Frost in phase1
Muarki - 'A Big Brawl!' - Defeat Muarki with all 4 adds still alive after they resurrect
Vjaier - 'Supercharger' - Allow 90% or more of all the pulses must reach Vjaier
Crueltis - 'Tunnel Vision the Boss!' - Let Darkness kill every Centaur Add. Players cannot kill any of them.
Tal'Navi - 'Rollin Rollin Rollin' - Never kill a Living Boulder during the fight.
-rewards - displays and pings the map of all turn in points for finished quests you have not claimed
-qitems - displays which player has what quest items
-clear or z (no dash) - clears all chat text
-rm - resets the damage meters for your hero
-suicide - kills your hero instantly (in case you are stuck or something)
-fog - toggle on/off the fog (requires entering a new zone when turning back on)
-music - toggle on/off the music (requires entering a new zone when turning back on)
-cview - cycle through camera viewing options
-cdist - cycle through camera distance to target options
-m1 -m2 -mc - 3 new commands for the target marking system, Red, Blue, Clear
-inv - shortcut to open inventory
-tt - shortcut to open talent tree
-totals - display all damage and healing totals
-ctfix - if you have the rare bug where your combat timer gets "stuck" as always in combat, use this command to reset it
-status - dump display of all hero status effect counters (helps with debugging / bug reporting)
-cct - displays current time left in combat
-timerdump - player Red only - displays all currently in use timers (helps with debugging)

Download: [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]

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Версия с читами!

The Kingdom of Kaliron 3.1.3
Активатор: -Devil
SP: Установленно.
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
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Карта афигеть как красива) Всем советую поиграть
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
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