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Garena Hack Все garena хаки, кряки, взломанные версии etc.
Обзор самых популярных хаков таких как: Garena Hack, Garena Master, Garena Devil, Garena Patch, Garena GoDz, GoDLiKe.eXp, Astral Garena, Easy Garena, Garena ECO и другие разработчики гарена хаков!

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GoDLiKe.eXp 5.5 Released. [2011-10-31]

[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
Download Size: 371.44 KB

- Updated to latest Garena (v4.0.1.984).
- GoDLiKe.eXp Compiled with AutoIt
- Added a new feature named Disable Garena's Update System.
- Added super safe mode to Auto AFK System (no one can send you pm or friend request when you used Auto AFK System.).
- Servers rearranged, now it will give you more stable EXP.
- Fixed some problem in Flood in Chat (Whisper).
- Fixed a bug in Auto Joiner.
- Few other changes and bug fixes.

GoDLiKe.eXp Features:
- Accounts List
- Auto Login Function
- Auto AFK System (Single Account & Multiple Accounts from List)
- Auto MultiClient
- Auto Login Function
- Auto Join Room Function
- Client Counter
- Level Finder
- Username Closer
- Auto Close All Servers

Garena Features:
- Can Open MultiClient
- EXP Hack 50/100 Basic/Gold per 15min
- No 5 Seconds Delay
- No Full Room Message
- Exact Ping View
- Hide All Adds [All ADS]
- Flood in Chat [Rooms & Whisper]
- Remove Delay in Clan Nudge
- Leave Room while Playing
- Trace Location
- Do not Detect MH
- Disable Crash Sender
- No Server Offline Message
- Disable Garena's Update System
- Change Member Style (Client Side)

Warcraft III Map Hack Features:
- Reveal Units on Main Map
- Remove FOG on Main Map
- Reveal Units on Mini Map
- Remove FOG on Mini Map
- Enable Trade
- Make Units Clickable
- Reveal Illusions
- Reveal Invisibles
- Show Runes
- Show Skills & Cooldowns
- Bypass -ah in DotA Allstars

- Information Spoofer (Client Side)
- eXp Calculator
- Auto Joiner (Auto Clicker to enter Rooms)
- SpamBot
- Q: What is Accounts List?
- A: It's a list of your Usernames & Passwords, you can Auto AFK all of them just by one click.
- Q: What is Auto AFK?
- A: It's a new function around GHs, Auto AFK mean GoDLiKe.eXp will login your accounts automatically in multiple servers with UDP & TCP ports auto configed, Auto AFK will even join you in Rooms.
- Q: What is MultiClient?
- A: It's same as Auto AFK but will not join Rooms.
- Q: What is Level Finder?
- A: When you have many Accounts AFKed on your PC (VPS maybe), it's a little hard to search between minimized Clients to see every Account's Level. With Level Finder you can easily enter a Username and it will give you that Account's Level.
- Q: What is Username Closer?
- A: Give it a Username and it will close it. Username Closer is useful when you have an AFK Service and you want to close one Account between maybe 20 Accounts (60 Clients) in your VPS.
- Q: What is Auto Close All Servers?
- A: Close all of your running Garena Client with one click.
- Q: How GoDLiKe.eXp Patch my Garena?
- A: It's all about Memory Patching, it mean no file will be modified.
- Q: What about Garena protection? Can i use other hack on Garena?
- A: Yes, GoDLiKe.eXp will remove Garena's protection and 3d-Party software check system.
- Q: Is it working on Garena Plus?
- A: Not while Garena Classic is working...
- Q: Map Hack is working? On what patches?
- A: Yes it's working fine on Patch 1.24b, 1.24e and 1.26a.
- Q: By the way is it safe to use?
- A: Of course...
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