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Garena HoN Heroes of Newerth в Garena. Обсуждение, решение проблем игры на клиенте. Программы, хаки.

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Patch 2.0.27 - GOLD Strider Forsaken Archer

- Fixed Homecoming Stone effects playing on Towers through fog

Version 2.0.27
- AFK players are no longer included in vote counts
- Added 6 account icons created by community member Popo`
- Added some new data to the Watch User interface
- Fixed some annoyances with the Topbar and Notifications

Fixed the following to prevent mod exploits:
- Blood Chalice
- Sacrificial Stone

- Balphagore's Hell on Newerth

== Items ==
Flying Courier
- Returned the visual effects when the Flying Courier used its Q and W

Health Potion
- Fixed so it won't affect siege units

Homecoming Stone
- Now disarms the tower you teleport into for 3 seconds (begins at the start of the channel)
- Adds an additional 3 seconds to the disarm for every additional teleport while it is still disarmed
* First disarms for 3s total, length of the channel
* Second disarms for 6s total, 3s seconds past channel
* Third disarms for 9s total, 6s seconds past channel, etc

Mana Potion
- Fixed so it won't affect siege units

Mock of Brilliance
- Fixed it showing the glow only when it is 'on' and not 'off'

== Heroes ==
- Added new Gold Collection Alt Avatar: Forsaken Strider (Available until Friday, May 6th)

- Fix his attacks playing an impact sound correctly

- Fixed Emerald Red from not getting max charges regenerated when she levels it

- Fixed one of the mine states showing for 1 frame
- Turret now deals Magic damage

- Tweaked Reflection's stealth attack so it uses the correct impact and works with attack items

Flint Beastwood
- Fixed Flare initial damage so it breaks things like Sleep and can stack between different Flints

Forsaken Archer
- Fixed an exploit where if you toggled Call of the Damned on the same frame as your projectile is killing a unit, then you would get 1 skeleton spawned while building up a charge at the same time

- Fixed units animating correctly after the freeze ends

- Fixed interaction between Pitfall and Nomad's Edge Counter

- Fixed Release the Kraken! interaction with Bubbles' Take Cover and Nomad's Edge Counter

- Made Terrifying Charge shift-queuable with Taunt
- Made the Terrifying Charge axe-swing animation play
- Also fixed his Terrifying Charge animation to change properly when he kills a unit & no other valid targets are around
- Also recalibrated his attack point & backswing & BAT while in Terrifying Charge mode so his attack comes out smoothly

- Fixed Steam Bath from triggering Nomad's Edge Counter

- Fixed "No retreat!" playing X times when X units are hit
- Also fixed Edge Counter from not proccing if the enemy hero is dead and his attack is in mid-air/continuous

Puppet Master
- Fixed Voodoo Puppet not giving assists
- Fixed Voodoo Puppet + Boom Dust crashing the game when the puppet/hero are hugging each other and Boom Dust procs

- Fixed The Chains That Bind from making units temporarily unclickable if they were launched into the air when this skill affects them
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