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Garena Hack Все garena хаки, кряки, взломанные версии etc.
Обзор самых популярных хаков таких как: Garena Hack, Garena Master, Garena Devil, Garena Patch, Garena GoDz, GoDLiKe.eXp, Astral Garena, Easy Garena, Garena ECO и другие разработчики гарена хаков!

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Старый 19.04.2011, 18:53   #1
Аватар для sTaR!D
Регистрация: 29.08.2010
Адрес: Казакистан
Сообщений: 278
Репутация: -6
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Автор По умолчанию

Garena Master 71.00

Changelog: Version: 71.00 - [2011/04/19]
- New interface to GM.EXE and GM.DLL
- New ManaBar system -> Alt + F2 (default) to change [ALLY / ENEMY / ALL / OFF]
- New Cam Distance Hack by scroll to all versions (just use your mouse scroll to change the distance)
- New Goblin Notifier -> Ping on minimap and tell you where goblin planted the bomb!
- Reworked the GarenaMaster textout on war3 | Thanks to YourName for the code and Open|Fire for the fix
- You can use -clear to clear GarenaMaster messages also now.
- Removed old Cam Distance Hack.
- Removed Delay Reducer (it's bugged...)
- Host Hack no longer can be disabled, you use the command only if you want...
- Drop Bnet is enabled by default now.
- ManaBar is enabled by default now.
- Garena AutoPatch is enabled by default now.
- Many others bugfix.
- Many others improvements.

Version: 70.02 - [2011/04/06]
- Updated to new garena [2011-04-06]
- Added ICCUP ip address to DROP BNET [Thanks to apelli @ GarenaMaster] (NOT TESTED, TEST IT AND REPORT TO ME IF WORKED...)
- Added new 2 news war3 features:
+ Instant Game Start (Remove countdown from Start Game)
+ Default W3 Loading (Remove the image of dota from loading and show the default one with list of players that still loading and who already finished)
- Some bugfix

PS: Soon will be added a new and better manabar and Cam Distance Hack by Scroll, to all war3 versions!

Version: 70.01 - [2011/04/01]
- Fixed a bug that make mh not work some times...
- CloakDLL is always enabled now, to avoid bans on battle.net
- DropBnet is disabled by default, but you can enable it if you want more security.
- Added warning about SAFE MODE when you try select it.
- Fixed Online Users Counter (only appear to garena users)
- Fixed Exp Log
- Many others bugfix.

PS: With dropbnet disabled, you will not need restart/reconnect to bnet after every game...
PS 2: If you want more protection, enable the DropBnet, but i think that you only need CloakDLL to be safe...

Version: 70.00 - [2011/03/30]
- Re-added voice to Rune Notifier (with option to disable it)
- Added Roshan Notifier
- Added option to disable GEM Notifier
- Many others improvements and bugfix.

Version: 69.01 - [2011/03/28]
- Emergency fix to battle.net users, that can't connect to battle.net.
- Added options to choose the protections mode to battle.net

PS: Mana bar is moved to war3 tab!

Version: 69.00 - [2011/03/28]
- Support to war3 v1.26a
- Rune notifier will appear that was sent from your nick instead of Player13 and in [Private] instead of [All] (in both only you see)
- Mana Bars are now integrated with the mh dll.
- Improved the Anti-Detection with CloackDLL (thanks to Yourname for the source)
- Support to be used and undetectable on Battle.net with the integrated DropBnet v2 (it will always be executed silently when the game start, closing the connection to battle.net [but you still in the game])
- Many others changes and bugfix that can't remember now :P

Version: 68.03 - [2011/03/25]
- Emergency fix: Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" when your war3 registry is damaged.
- Fixed bug that show CD Hack to versions that it not support!

Version: 68.02 - [2011/03/25]
- Re-added rune notifier
- Re-added Dota Features [1.24e]
- Added ping notification where rune respawn (thanks to yourname)
- Added text notification when someone drop the GEM
- Added new system to disable the features, bugs free [This new one will read the original value from memory before patching it and store it for future unpatch only what u patched, and with 100% of success rate!]
- You can now configure your own hotkeys in war3 tab!
- Default hotkeys changed to: Enable/Disable = Alt + F1 | Zoom IN = Alt + F2 | Zoom Out = Alt + F3
- You can now change the cam distance with hotkey without enabling mh.
- Cam Distance will no longer back to default when disable mh, if you wanna just set it to 1650 that is the original of war3.
- Added option in the GM.exe to not load the mh, if you don't wanna use it...
- Fixed bug in Registry Cleanner
- Some others bugfix that i not remember now.


Version: 68.01 - [2011/03/24]
- Improved loading time of GM.exe
- Fixed all bugs related to "Access Violation error"
- Fixed bug that you can only enable mh if you're the host.
- Fixed a bug that cause fatal error when disabling mh to 1.24d
- some others bugfix and improvement.

Version: 68.00 - [2011/03/24]
- Fixed a bug on 1.24d that cause the game crash when someone ping the map.
- Fixed the Access Violation error
- Fixed a bug that you loss the features that you selected when restart gm.
- Fixed a bug that only work default features, and when you check nothing change...
- Added a "Done!" message when use the "Patch" on dota features.
- I think that we are really closer now from a version 100% stable...
- Some others bugix.

Version: 67.04 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed a important issue that are causing fatal error to all version
- Reworked Cam Distance that are causing fatal error to 1.24e/d/c/b
- I think that this is a stable version, if work ok to everyone, tomorrow i'll start work on rune notifier.

Version: 67.03 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed a fatal error issue on 1.24b

Version: 67.02 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed crash on mh
- Removed rune notifier temporary
- Added new hotkey to cam distance (f3/f4) or (alt+/alt-)
- Fixed bug on button "Patch" on Dota Features

Version: 67.01 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed more crash issue in Rune Notifier / MH
- Fixed bug that some times show message that mh was enable, but nothing happens. (i hope so, not tested)
- Some improvement in mh/rn code.

Version: 67.00 - [2011/03/22]
- Fixed a crash issue on Rune Notifier
- Added a new Auto Joiner by Open|Fire
- Updated cs hack
- Some others bugfix.

Version: 666.3 - [2011/03/22]
- Fixed Ordinal 3 error.
- Fixed crash when connecting to garena
- Fixed crash when joining room
- Fixed Exp Hack

Version: 666 - [2011/03/22]
- Added support to new Garena Update (2011/03/22)
- MH / Rune Notifier completly reworked. (read the text file inside of rar)
- You can use now hotkeys inside of game to control mh (read the text file inside of rar)
- MH are now integrated with Rune Notifier in one dll.
- You need "install" the mh only the first time, and never again!
- War3 / CS tab moved to first screen, now you can use it with others platform (at you own risk)
- Red Inv / Gray HP temporary disabled, i need fix some bugs.
- Auto Joiner temporary disabled, open|fire are working on new and better one!
- Fixed some bugs in mh to 1.25b.
- Many bugs fixed.
- I hope that all features will work fine to everyone now.

Version: 65.01 - [2011/03/17]
- Reduced the chance of error "Failed to delete tab at index 0" (not fixed 100% yet)
- Host Hack are now integrated with GM.dll instead of a separated dll
- Fixed a bug that Dota Features is disabled also for 1.24e
- Fixed a bug that show Dota Features in W3X Auto Path, also for 1.25b that cause fatal error.

Version: 65.00 - [2011/03/16]
- Added MH support to 1.25b
- Added Rune Notifier support to 1.25b
- Added ManaBars support to 1.25b
- Fixed some bugs with Rune Notifier
- Fixed bug "Failed to delete tab at index 0" (i think)
- CS Hack updated
- Fixed many others bugs.

PS: If you get FATAL ERROR, try disable HOST HACK or MANA BAR, for some reason it not work to everyone.
PS: We will not add support to Dota Features to 1.25b now, maybe in future.
[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
Старый 19.04.2011, 18:58   #2
Аватар для Ldinka
Регистрация: 01.04.2011
Адрес: Ледниковый город
Сообщений: 187
Репутация: 40
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По умолчанию

Версия: 71.00 - [2011/04/19]
- Новый интерфейс для GM.EXE и GM.DLL
- Новые ManaBar системы -> Alt + F2 (по умолчанию), чтобы изменить [союзник / враг / все / OFF]
- Новые Cam Расстояние Hack по выделите все версии (только с помощью мыши выделите изменения расстояния)
- Новый Гоблин оповещения -> Ping на миникарте и расскажет вам, где Гоблин посадил бомба!
- Переработана TextOut GarenaMaster на war3 | Спасибо YourName для кода и открытого | огонь на исправление
- Вы можете использовать чистый очистить GarenaMaster сообщений и сейчас.
- Убраны старые Расстояние Cam Hack.
- Убраны задержки редуктор (это прослушивается ...)
- Host Hack больше не может быть отключена, вы используете команду только если вы хотите ...
- Drop Bnet включена по умолчанию теперь.
- ManaBar включена по умолчанию теперь.
- Garena автопатча включена по умолчанию теперь.
- Многие Исправление другие.
- Многие другие улучшения.
Старый 20.04.2011, 10:55   #3
Аватар для zero1992
Регистрация: 06.07.2009
Сообщений: 20
Репутация: 23
По умолчанию

Сегодня опять гарена обновилась =(
Следовательно на сайте GM тоже вышла новая версия, но у меня не получается оттуда скачать. Если не сложно выложите сюда кто нибудь GarenaMaster v72.00
Старый 20.04.2011, 11:16   #4
Аватар для имбик
Регистрация: 06.04.2011
Сообщений: 7
Репутация: 0
По умолчанию

72 это ещё вчерашняя обнова, а после неё сразу обновилась гарена, так что нужно ждать 72.01 или что то вроде того
Старый 20.04.2011, 11:42   #5
Аватар для sTaR!D
Регистрация: 29.08.2010
Адрес: Казакистан
Сообщений: 278
Репутация: -6
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Автор По умолчанию

имбик,можно обходить обновления
Старый 20.04.2011, 15:47   #6
Аватар для НеАдекваТ
Регистрация: 09.02.2011
Адрес: Херсон
Сообщений: 47
Репутация: 4
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По умолчанию

sTaR!D, Каким образом?
Прежде чем говорить, думай.Или тебя отправят--->
http://neadekvat.viptop.ru *pank*
Старый 20.04.2011, 15:50   #7
Аватар для Ldinka
Регистрация: 01.04.2011
Адрес: Ледниковый город
Сообщений: 187
Репутация: 40
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По умолчанию

да уже вышло v72 так что ненадо не каких обходоф
Пользователь сказал cпасибо:
НеАдекваТ (21.04.2011)
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