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Garena HoN Heroes of Newerth в Garena. Обсуждение, решение проблем игры на клиенте. Программы, хаки.

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Next Upcoming Hero : Silhouette the Ninja Girl

Coming to Newerth This Friday 22nd !

S2 Games describes Silhouette

Role :

Silhouette is a ranged Agility hero based around quick, unpredictable movements and attacks. She’s definitely got carry potential, but also houses an array of early game action tools to let her get in the fray early on. Silhouette has the arsenal of any self-respecting ninja: she owns a vast collection of shiny throwing projectiles, and always has her trusty grappling hook with her. Ninjas are tricky, and Silhouette is no exception; even her Shadow is a weapon.

Abilities :
Death Lotus
Tree Grapple
Relentless Salvo

[COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Playstyle [/COLOR]:

Silhouette’s combat style reflects her creative and resourceful nature. She uses her blades defensively and offensively, at both close quarters and long distance. Her grappling hook is a versatile tool for her to gain combat mobility or take advantage of the power of a nice, strong piece of wood. Silhouette’s Shadow allows her to almost be in two places at once, and she prefers to execute her foes in a quick and painful flurry.
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