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This? On Melancholy Hill

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Tie Hack Source Code

Give credits if you use my source. If it crashes, make your own .dll and .exe and modify that offset I am modifying. Yes the tie hack works. This is for people that wants to make their own hack, so they can take out what they need as long as they give me credit.

Thanks to sd333221 for the WriteProcessMemory() define thing.

ATieHack [v1.0.0]
Programmed By: Analysiser
Index of / -- Home Site

How To Use:
1. Run ATieHack.exe (AS ADMIN)
2. Start up StarCraft II
3. When ready, toggle NUMPAD0 for tie hack on/off (toggle off after every ended tie game)

Is this hack detected?
- The hack is currently undetected (when I made this readme). The hack can be detected by window title
or offset modification.

How can I get the source code?
- Message me for it. I would release it public but I don't want this exploit to get patched or detected

Cool it works. What does it effect?
- It corrupts both everybody match report (I only tested on mine's). It also shows as a "tie" in
match history.

How can I thank you?
- Post in the topic and say "thanks" or just click the thanks button
Сурс [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
Тип файла: rar ATieHack v1.rar (11.0 Кб, 7 просмотров)
[ [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] | ]

[ [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] ]

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