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Старый 16.11.2010, 22:58   #1
This? On Melancholy Hill

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Garena Blackshot Hack (Tele hack+invi hack+BP hack+exp hack+mastery) Working 11/16/10

This hack was made by Cokaine1.

I have also added cheat engine inside the rar file incase you guys want to speed hack.

I have decided to not add a leech protection for this one, instead it's designed to crash after blackshot upgrades so you won't be able to use it after a patch. ( i will update after every patch though )

Because it has a lot of options and no menu i created a 2 "modes" so you can use the same keys ( numpad 0-9 ) for 2 types of hacks. Mode 1 allows you to hack xp/bp/mastery in BD matches while Mode 2 allows you to own others in regular matches with teleport/telekill and invisible hacks.

Please note that activating 1 mode will disable the other mode's hacks ( so you don't hack xp/bp/mastery in regular matches and risk getting banned ). Unless someone reports you, mode 2 hacks will not get you banned. To be honest, i got reported at least 20 times for teleporting and i never got banned so you shouldn't worry too much lol.
Heres the virus scan
The 1 detection is a false positive because the dll is packed ( hence the name " PAK_Generic.001" ).


Installation Guide

First install the bypass :
1. Copy Bypass.rar into blackshot/system/ folder
2. extract the 3 .dll files there.
3. Done.

Second extract the hack.rar anywhere.

How to make the hack work
1. After you've done all the steps above,open blackshot and login.
2. Go back to desktop and open the "Winject" inside the BS_Inject folder.
3. Select blackshot.exe as the target and cokaine1.dll for the dll to inject.

Hack information

Mode 1 - BD mode

Activated by pressing F11, this mode has mastery, xp and bp hacks.

Keys used for hacks :

Numpad 1 knife mastery
Numpad 2 rifle mastery
Numpad 3 sniper mastery
Numpad 4 pistol mastery
Numpad 5 SMG mastery
Numpad 6 shotgun mastery
Numpad 7 grenade mastery
Numpad 8 XP+BP ( you must have Head Hunter II to get BP!!! )

Mode 2 - tfm/tdm/SD/SD-I

Activated by pressing F12, this mode has invisible, teleport and telekill hacks.

Keys used for hacks :

Numpad 0 Invisible (only on high grounds like a box or on some stairs )
Numpad 1 teleport to stored location 1
Numpad 2 teleport to stored location 2
Numpad 3 teleport to stored location 3
Numpad 4 save location 1
Numpad 5 save location 2
Numpad 6 save location 3
Numpad 7 teleort to blue team
Numpad 8 stop telekill
Numpad 9 teleport to red team

How to use teleport :

press numpad 4 or 5 or 6 to save a location ( like a good hiding spot, enemy flag, bomb place in SD, etc ).
To move to the saved location press numpad 1 or 2 or 3 to go back to where you saved location.

Example :
Go to your team's flag and press numpad 4 to save location 1 then go to the enemy flag and press numpad 5 to save location 2.
Then keep pressing numpad 1 and numpad 2 and you will capture the flags very fast and win the game

Telekill will teleport you under the players, just look up and keep shooting and you will win ( i got 150-0 once )

[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]

[Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]

As you can see,the hack has only 1 detections while the injector+hack had lots of detections. Why? Because injectors are always detected as virus by scanner. So,if you don't trust the hack,don't use it.

All I could say is Use this at your own risk. The author/me is not responsible for any damage you can take.

Скачать с [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
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[ [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.] ]

Старый 20.12.2010, 22:41   #2
Аватар для bond123
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чо как в Колофдюти можна експ кидать есьть, есьть новый хак :?после 20 чысла апдейта
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