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Warcraft Console Hider v.3b

This tool will hide the Warcraft console, making a much wider area of the screen available for screen-capturing. Usually movie makers use a short area because of the clock image, game statistics multiboard and the console itself. With so many unwanted images on the screen you just have no choice but to use a smaller rectangle that does not intersect with those UI elements, plus you need to maintain aspect ratio.

This tool can help with that problem. It removes everything that could get in your way when screen capturing the 3d-world.

In case you're interested in what it does, here is a complete step-by-step list:
1. Creates a copy of the specified DotA map and then opens that copy for editing
2. Adds a completely transparent blip image to the map as "blank.blp"
3. Adds a blank font to the map as "blankFont.ttf"
4. Adds a skin descriptor file "war3mapSkin.txt" which references both blank image and font to set up a transparent skin
5. [OPTIONAL] Deletes "war3mapMap.blp" to make minimap invisible

How to Use:
Specify the DotA map that you want to change and a modified copy of it will be created. Then hide the original map somewhere (or just change it's name a bit) and rename that copy to the name of original map. After that you can watch replays for that map version and you will not see the warcraft console while viewing the replay.

Additional features:
To use extra features, specify war3 path (example: "C\Games\WarCraft") in the textbox at the bottom of the program's window, check desired features and then press "Apply Extra" button.

* Make Replay Time Visible
When you hide the console in the DotA map, then replay time becomes invisible when watching replays for that map. You can fix this by using this option, which will add a special file "ReplayPanel.fdf" to the "war3patch.mpq" archive to "UI\FrameDef\UI" folder. This will not affect watching replays for other maps, so it's safe.
* Hide Game Chat
If you don't want the game chat to be displayed while watching a replay, then use this option. It will add a special file "MiscUI.txt" to the "war3patch.mpq" archive to "UI" folder. Next time when you run WarCraft, additional option will appear in the Options->Gameplay->Chat Support combobox, called "Hide Chat (by Danat)". If you select this option, the gamechat will be invisible while watching ANY replay or playing ANY game.

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как вариант- можно использовать проМОД (модифицированную карту дота. есть и 668с)
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