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Starcraft Drop Hack Protection

This may protect you from all drop hacks, may alert you when a drop hack is used and may tell you who the attacker was! You can also respond to the attack by dropping the attacker yourself.

  • Load StarCraft.
  • Click on the loader.
  • Join an online game.
  • Enjoy protection!


This stands for "Drop Hack Protection". Use this command to turn the hack on and off. This is useful if you are experiencing lag during a game. Lag is dependent on your network connection and little can be done about it.

This stands for "Stop Drops". It may protect you from 99% of drop hack attempts. People might still drop you if you're lagging and the lag box comes up.

This stands for "Boosted Detection". Often you may want to identify the person responsible when a person is dropped from the game. Use this feature to boost your ability to detect other people being dropped from the game.

This stands for "Counter Drop". This may attempt to drop people who use drophacks. It is recommended that you use this feature to kick droppers out of the game before more people are dropped.

This stands for "Drop Alert". It may tell you of detected drop hack activity in the game. If you get spammed with drops, simple disable the alert.

Тип файла: rar DrophackProtection v1.1.rar (177.2 Кб, 12 просмотров)
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