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External ESP v3.6 for MW3 1.9.459

Modern Warfare 3 .NET External ESP v3.6 by master131

What is .NET External ESP?
It is an External ESP hack that was coded in C# by me. It is designed only for Modern Warfare 3 in windowed mode. You must be running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero enabled.
Is is detected?
As of now, it is UNDETECTED. As with all hacks you download, use at your own risk. This does not inject or write into the game’s memory so there is a lesser chance of it being detected. So far, it’s been 4 months and there have been no reports of bans.
What version of MW3 does this work with?
  • 1.9.459 (Steam only, not TeknoMW3 or IW5M)
  • Aimbot
  • BoxESP (with Turret/Helicopter/Plane support)
  • Snaplines
  • Distance ESP
  • Crosshair
  • Radar (with map backgrounds)
  • Status/Menu bar
  • Configurable settings
  • Name tag
  • Triggerbot
  • VAC countermeasures to make sure this stays undetected.
How to use:
  • Download and extract the attachment to a folder, don't just double click the Launcher!
  • (optional) Edit the config file to your liking (config.mw3esp) with Notepad or any text editor.
  • Run Launcher.exe and start the game.
  • When in game, use the F-buttons to toggle the functions and use right-mouse button or the Home key to use the aimbot.
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
Virus Scans:
  • [Ссылки скрыты от гостей.]
The detections are false positives, it is NOT a virus.
  • Added support for 1.9.459

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